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Studio Facility Usage Rules

(To download a PDF copy of these rules, click: here)


Note:  Some of these rules will no doubt make sense and seem reasonable, while some may appear ridiculous and/or entirely unnecessary.  Sadly, for each one of these ridiculous or unnecessary rules, there IS a reason, (and a story), behind it!  So, please... take no offence!


1.)  The Studio rules are to be followed and respected at all times.  Any breach of these rules may result in the offending person or persons removal from the facilities and possibly the termination of the session or entire project without refund.


2.)  The studio is located in a residential area and noise outside the studio must be kept to a minimum.  Conversation anywhere outside after 9:00 p.m. should always be avoided.  Loud vehicles and car alarms should also be avoided at all times – even if just for the sake of any recording going on - not to mention for courtesy to our neighbours.  Please make quiet transportation choices whenever possible.


3.)  There is usually plenty of parking available in our driveway and across the street.  However, if parking in the driveway, please ask a Studio staff member for the best place to park in order not to restrict the exit of other vehicles that may need to leave prior to the end of the session.


4.)  Smoking is allowed in one designated area only found in back of the studio.  Anywhere else, whether inside or outside, is strictly prohibited.  Please use the provided ash tray and trash can.  Cigarette butts or packaging material discarded on the ground will simply not be tolerated.  If it is possible, the Studio would much prefer and be very appreciative if smoking were avoided entirely!


5.)  No alcohol is to be allowed on premises at any time and all persons found under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave.  No exceptions!


6.)  Marijuana, whether legal or not, whether “medical” or not”, is not allowed on premises at any time and all persons found under the influence for any reason will be asked to leave.  No exceptions!


7.)  All other drugs, whether legal or not, are prohibited from the premises unless a specific prescription requires the taking of prescribed drugs sometime during the session.  If not, please leave them at home!  No exceptions!


8.)  Food is generally discouraged in the studio and in most cases will simply not be allowed.  If you would like to bring food into the recording areas, please ask for permission from the engineer first.  Food is allowed in the loading bay, the back patio and in the lounge.  Any and all spills must be cleaned up immediately and any damage requiring special cleaning, repair or replacement will become the financial responsibility of the Artist.


9.)  There is a microwave in the lounge available for your convenience.  Please keep food covered while in use as to minimize making a mess inside.  The sink is also available for rinsing food containers.  Please discard any food bits that do not go easily down the drain in the trash can provided in the lounge area.


10.)  Beverages are allowed and even encouraged in the studio.  However, we are very strict about the containers. All drink containers allowed in the studio must have closable lids that cannot and will not spill or leak if they were to be dropped or knocked over.  If your drink container does not meet this standard, please leave it outside the studio.  When taking a drink from these approved container’s please be sure you have stepped away from all equipment and be sure to replace the cap or lid, before moving anywhere near any equipment.  All spills must be cleaned up immediately and again, any special cleaning, repair or replacement of anything resulting from a spill will become the financial responsibility of the Artist.


11.)  A small refrigerator is provided for our clients use.  Please be sure to take out all items you’ve stored there at the end of the session.  Anything left behind after the session has ended will be removed and thrown in the trash.  If you’re bringing more than just a few small items, it is highly recommended you bring your own cooler or some other container to keep them in as there instead as there is very limited space in the refrigerator.


12.)  WE RECYCLE!  Please place all plastic bottles and other recyclable materials in the designated recycling bin found in the loading bay.  Please keep all studio grounds clean by properly disposing of all other trash in the provided trash cans found throughout.


13.)  Foul language, sexually suggestive talk, ill humour or slander of any kind is not allowed anywhere at any time and anyone heard speaking in such a manner will be given one warning after which a second offense will result in that person or persons being asked to leave and possibly meaning the termination of the session or entire project.


14.)  No one who is not directly involved with the current session should be in the studio and ideally not on the premises at all.  Our studio is very small and although our lounge is usually available for our artists to use during break times, it is not intended as a place for uninvolved guests to hang-out as we have other residents in the house not associated with the studio that make frequent use of the lounge as well.  Exceptions to this rule, such as parents/guardians of minor artists, photographers, videographers, and medical attendants are certainly considered, but notice and discussion concerning their presence should be made before the session starts.  Please don’t surprise us with unexpected guests!


15.)  In most cases, the Studio Engineer will be presiding over the session and should always have the respect and attention of all Artists present.  Please be sure all musicians carefully follow his/her instructions as this is crucial to having a productive session and best ensuring the proper care of all Studio equipment.


16.)  Unless you have hired a producer to represent you, please appoint one person, ideally the song writer, to be your spokesperson who will be the primary individual to communicate with the engineer.  Please have this matter firmly decided before the session begins!


17.)  Never leave or enter the studio while the Red “Recording” light is illuminated without the engineer’s knowledge and permission.  If any door is closed and you wish to enter, please DO NOT KNOCK, but instead listen for music playing, and if none is heard, quietly enter.  The engineer should be expecting you.  If you must leave for any reason, please let the engineer know so he/she can monitor your departure and reasonably know when to expect your return.


18.)  We have cats, (two), and a dog.  While it’s rare that any of our pets are in the studio, they all hang-out quite frequently in the lounge and near the restroom areas.  If you have allergies to cats and/or dogs, please let us know before your arrival so we can take all possible precautions to mitigate the effects.  And of course, we expect you to treat them nicely!


19.)  While it may not “feel” like it when you’re in the studio, please always be mindful that you are in a house and in the quarters above the studio there are residents trying to carry on with their lives completely independent of the activities going on where you are.  While great care and expense went into the design and construction of the studio, there is no area that is completely “sound proof” and the degree of isolation between the studio and the upstairs living areas vary depending on where you are.  So, except in designated areas where loud music and noise is obviously allowed, please try to remain as quiet as possible!


20.)  Out of respect for the residents living above the studio, please never go upstairs and please never enter or exit through the front door of the house.  Please always use the loading bay door to exit out the front or the back door to exit to the back patio rest/smoking area.


21).  Most of the facilities in the lounge are available for your use during break times, but not exclusively.  Please do not rearrange furniture, make adjustments to any of the audio-video equipment settings, open or close windows or otherwise change the environment from the condition you found it in.  Please ask a Studio staff member for anything you need or wish to use unless it is obvious no permission or instruction is required.


22).  Please respect the Studio’s instruments and other equipment and do not use anything without express permission from the engineer.  Please give the same respect to any instruments belonging to session musicians or otherwise anything not belonging to you.  Please inform the engineer before you turn on or off any equipment or plug or unplug anything that might be connected to our system in any way.  Please plug-in your electrical equipment only in outlets provided at or near ground level as we have a separate circuit purposed exclusively for equipment which is apart from the circuit purposed for everything else.


23).  Please do not touch the studio glass, (that is the windows of the control room, vocal isolation booths, the drum room and the two mirrors found in the main isolation room and door to the drum room).  The windows are actually made of plexi-glass and require a special method of cleaning different than that used for regular glass.  As the plexi-glass material is also “softer”, it is more susceptible to scratches and smudges than regular glass.  There is no reason to ever touch the glass, so please don’t!


24).  Please do not touch the acoustic foam, (found nearly everywhere on the walls and ceilings throughout the studio).  This material is held in place by an adhesive that is generally strong enough to hold the material under its own weight but not designed to hold it in place while being touched or handled.  The accidental removal of a piece of foam may cause a delay in the session, which would be an unnecessary waste of everyone’s time.  Occasionally, a piece of foam will fall out of place on its own.  If you see this has occurred, please do not attempt to replace the foam yourself, but please do inform the engineer as soon as possible.

Thank you!

To download a copy of our complete Studio Services Contract, click: Here

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