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Service Rates

Almost all services provided by JC Music Connection and Project Won Studios are made available for a reasonable donation offer.  There are a few services that are provided for a set fee.  The chart below lists our SUGGESTED Donation Rates and the rates that are set.  Most, if not all, are already below the average rates for similar services offered elsewhere in the greater Puget Sound area.  Payment for small projects that are completed the same day is due at the time of service.  Payment for projects taking longer than one day to complete may be split in two or three payments with an initial down payment upon booking the first session and subsequent payments for the remainder made at project milestones.  Here's how our program works:  After an initial FREE consultation, we will provide you with a time estimate for the completion of your project by the hour or day.  With that information, we ask our artists to apply the suggested donation rates listed below and ask themselves a simple question, "Can I afford this project at the suggested rate?"  If the answer is "yes", we would ask that be the offer.  But if the answer is "no", we ask the artist to give themselves a further discount until it is affordable, and then make that the offer!  As long as that offer is still what we consider reasonable, we are almost certain to accept!  Please note that once an offer has been made and accepted, we ask there be no changes.  For your convenience we've also provided a time averages chart to help provide a rough estimate prior to our consultation.  Please note the estimate provided from our consultation may vary from this chart and will be the ultimate basis to measure most projects.  At our discretion, we might make a suggestion that will cover the entire project or a significant portion of it if we determine such an arrangement would be mutually beneficial.


Time Averages Chart

Set-up / Recording

Editing / Mixing Mastering
3 to 12 hours per song 3 to 12 hours per song 1 to 3 hours per song
The actual time required can vary greatly depending on the music genre and the method of recording.  Other factors such as the number or tracks per song can make a huge difference as well, but the greatest factor is always how well the music is written, developed and rehearsed before the first session starts.  As an average, the typical commercially viable full length album takes 250 hours to produce from start to finish.


Suggested Donation Rate Chart

Donation Based Services Suggested Donation Rates
Pre-production work (writing, arranging, MIDI authoring, etc.) $35 per hour or $240 per day (8 hrs)
Studio A Recording, Editing, Mixing (At our location. Includes house engineer) $35 per hour or $240 per day (8hrs)
Studio B Mobile Recording (At your location.  Includes engineer) $45 per hour or $320 per day (8hrs) Plus any necessary travel expenses *

* Travel expenses are to be paid as in-full reimbursements of actual costs

Add On:  House Producer (A third party producer may charge you differently!) Add $10 per hour or $50 per day
Add On:  House Session Musician** (Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drums/Percussion, etc.) Add $10 per hour or $50 per day **

** Third party session musicians are not included at these rates!

** Third Party Session Musicians may charge differently!

All other services not specified here: To be negotiated

Fixed Fee Services

Fixed Fees
Additional CD/DVD Copies (1st one is provided free with project, all others additional) $2.00 per disk
DAT Copy (Upon special request only.  No complimentary DATS provided) $10.00 per tape
Project Hard Drive (Contains DAW files of all tracking takes, all mixes, etc.) $100.00 per drive (prices may vary and are subject to change)
CD conversion FROM Vinyl, Cassette, 8-Track or DAT (Straight as-is conversion) $15.00 per CD for Vinyl & Cassette / $20.00 for 8-Track & DAT
Digital Restoration / Re-mastering from Vinyl, Cassette, 8-Track or DAT $35 per hour
Studio A Rental (For private music lessons, your own engineered sessions etc.) $20 per hour or $100 per day (Day = 8hr Sessions. Subject to availability. Slot may be early AM)


We gladly accept

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