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Client, Guest and Listening Audience Testimonials and Reviews


The following statements are made by people from many different walks of life who share a few things in common - a love for music and a personal experience with our organization be it as a recording artist, producer, engineer, studio guest, session musician or an audience member of a live event whom we have had the pleasure to serve or entertain.  "Everyday People" who have done some extraordinary things to make this world a better place by sharing, listening and participating in the wonderful world of music.  People just like you!




"This was the most outstanding experience at Project Won Studios! Joe was very helpful. Thanks Joe! It's great to have people like you that are very passionate of studio tech and do an amazing job! Watch out, we'll be back soon! Once again, thank you!"

- Ivon Covarrubias




"Joe was absolutely wonderful to work with! He accomodated my urgent request super promptly as I needed to get a recording out to Australia ASAP. He gave clear directions how to get to his studio and his communication through email was on point and friendly. We started later only because he was giving me a little tour of the studio. It in no way effected my experience. We ended right on time!  He was courteous, professional, and very easy-going to work with. I also got to learn a bit about the recording business and he was very helpful in recommending some organizations to collaborate with. His willingness to be a part of the community is also very commendable. I will definitely use Joe again in the future! I easily recommend him and his services."

- Gabriel Gargari




"Joe has been absolutely great to work with. Helpful ideas and loads of encouragement. We look forward to continuing our work. It's been a wonderful experience so far!"

- Doug and Seiko Werts



"Joe is very easy to work with and has a vast knowledge of the software used in the recording industry. His prices are more than fair, and he is great at accomodating you in his studio."

- John Anderson




"I have found GOLD in Joe at Project Won Studios and if you use their services, so will you.  This review is going to read like a commercial Ė but itís honest and comes from heart.  As sound engineers or producers, one of the things at the top of the list thatís required is the ability to make constant judgments about audio quality from the myriad different groups from with which one works.  Itís an essential prerequisite to have a valid frame of reference ó something upon which you can base subjective and valid opinions.  Joe scores big in this arena and has that very sense innately embedded in his work style, ethic and his very core; itís mighty impressive and why heís so successful in his business.  That alone would suffice for a successful recording session.  But for my experience, thatís where it STARTS with Project Won Studios.  If youíre looking for more than just a solid engineer, youíll be thrilled at every step along the way with this organization.  Do you need a guide who will coach you and educate you through the recording process?  Someone to help you to bring out the best in your project?  Need help getting your recorded tracks mixed to sound great?  This IS the place.  Or, perhaps youíre well-rounded in this field and donít need the above Ė Joe knows when to take a back seat, and play any role in the process needed.  This is truly an amazing skill-set thatís rarely found in this business.  Now letís add the icing on the cake Ö Joe is a great human being who is kind, patient, super talented, honest, positive, and always found ways to make my project exceed my highest expectations Ė a true and rare gift!  Joe is my producer, engineer, and mixer for life! Thank you Project Won Studios!"

- Patrick Ferguson, Children's Choir Director, First United Methodist Church, Seattle





"My father passed away 3 yrs ago leaving behind his legacy, 15 cassette tapes that are very old and falling apart, he had recorded his music he wrote and sung to.  Joe did the transfer of these tapes to cd for us and it only took a couple of weeks, very short time.  We were blessed that all tapes lasted long enough for the transfer to happen.  Joe is very personable, responsible person and takes great pride in his ability to help those of us who can't pay the big bucks.  Joe went above and beyond because normally this would have cost us so much more and we just didn't have it.  He was able to clean up some of the tapes for us without charging more.  He only asks you to donate what you can, I had never heard of any recording studio doing this.  Thanks to Joe we now have my father's legacy safely on cd's.  We feel blessed to have met Joe and have the opportunity to work with him.  It was smooth sailing !   Thank you Joe for all your hard work, your dedication, and for the love you show in helping others.  I'll be continuing to work with Joe in future projects."

- Alison Dujardin




"Very professional.  Nice environment.  Working with Joe was great.  I'd recommend Project Won Studios to other artists."

- Jennifer Dillavue




"I've been a working for Jesus musician live and studio session player for years.  Working in the Project Won Studios with Joe at the helm, on Angie West's project CD has been an incredible experience to say the least. Joe has created a professional environment that makes a sometimes difficult assignment, a breeze to create high quality recordings.  I look forward to applying my skills into Angie's project and any others that may come along at Project Won Studios.  Joe is a fun and very knowledgeable pro.  Thanks for the opportunity."

- Sunny Dove




"I got to work with Joe on our church project, recording an album for outreach purposes.  My musical background was limited to time spent with our church band and therefore was very nervous coming into my first studio session.  Joe was very good at coaching and giving me constructive feedback.  He was very patient, supportive and efficient - we were able to finish 2 of my ukulele tracks and one vocal track in 3 hours.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but I feel confident that with Joe's expertise and feedback, we will be productive in our future sessions."

- Nadia Tedder




"I recently started an original project with Joe Nicholson at Project Won Studios. So far, it is going better than I could have ever hoped for. Not only is the studio wonderful, but Joe's insight, advice and ideas are making this project a phenomenal experience!  I will use him for this entire project and any future ones.  His prices, considering that it's all on a donation basis, are more than fair!  He well deserves regular rates, but his heart to serve and allow people to follow their dreams regardless of ability to pay is truly remarkable!  I'd recommend Project Won to anyone!"

- Angie Mizerski West




"Working with Joe and Project Won Studios has been a privilege. I have not only found a place to get my projects done, I have found a place that really caught me by surprise. You may think you are using your 'buddy's' home studio from the outside, but then you walk in the door and you find yourself in a wonderful, intimate and engaging place to work on any project. On top of it, Joe is a passionate cheerleader, project manager and compassionate partner for whatever you need to accomplish. Many people 'say' they are interested in helping, but Joe lives it out every day. If you have a chance to set all expectations of a 'home studio' aside and just drop in to see the reality of professionalism, equipment, talent and skill all housed in a well spaced location, for a small team or a soloist, Joe's studio is great.  This venue is not for the big band and large gathering of fans while you rehearse, but it is well thought out and capable of doing more than you expect because of the wise design and utilization of space. It almost seems to double in size once you cross the threshold of the door and step into the heart of Project Won studios.  Joe is also great for off-site, public events and can come to you with a fully mobile set-up. He provided event oversight for 'Rock The Church' and did a fantastic job of representing me as the event organizer and my team as the event hosts.  I wish Joe well and I will continue to be an artist recording at his studio."  

- Pastor Kathy Jo Kahn, Founder of Rock The Church & Grapvevine Ecclesia and Vice President of International Worship Outreach UNTCI.ORG





"This is the second time I have worked in a studio, but the first working on my own project.  Honestly, I was nervous to embark on such a project, actually fearing the studio and my lack of knowing how such a process of recording takes place.  But since I began my project at Project Won Studios, (which is almost wrapped up now), I have been nothing but pleased with my experience. This would not be so without Joe Nicholson at the helm and the wonderful work he does.  His experience and professional abilities are very evident in how he runs his studio and works with his clients. I am beyond satisfied with his work on my upcoming album and look forward to working with him on many future projects!"

- Nathaniel Chapman




"Joe Nicholson has designed and built a 'state of the art' music production studio that, when I was recently given a personal tour, took my breath away!  Not only is Joe a very knowledgeable sound engineer, but this man is also friendly, kind, and a very professional Man Of God.  When Joe tells you he can produce your music project, big or small, for a very fair price, you can trust the final product will be very Worthy Of Praise!  Additionally, he has designed Project Won Studios to make you and/or your band feel right at home while the 'Red Recording Light' is on.  All the comforts of home are provided, including a large lounge for those who need a place to rest and relax a bit during extended production times, a kitchenette, and a 'Bed and Breakfast' suite one can call home to stay overnight - all on site!  I was amazed, as I am sure you will be also, when you make this place your next destination for your music project!  You will be glad you made the call to Joe Nicholson at Project Won Studios!  Sincerely yours."

- James Hagley aka 'Harpinjim' - Tears Of Praise Band





"It's been a great experience working with Joe on our 11 track album for http://SoundChurch.tv!  He is very accommodating, professional, and able to offer his expertise to make our project better. His studio has great equipment and great sound."

- Pastor Judson Bartels of Sound Church




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