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Nathaniel Chapman

- Snohomish, WA


All who know Nathaniel Chapman have come to love and respect him as a friend and brother.  Likewise, those who hear his music come to love and appreciate that as well, not only for the pleasing quality of the music itself, but for the inspiration, power and hope contained in the message that comes with it.


Having already released one full album under the Boat Rocker Records label, Nathaniel is currently in the process of writing and more and more music and will soon return to Project Won Studios to record his second album that will include some songs he's been playing for public audiences for years, and some which is brand new and has yet to be heard by anyone.  All of it is a result of inspiration that has come from the Holy Spirit having His way with the chords, melodies and lyrics Nathaniel combines with vocals, piano, guitar, harmonica, kick drum and tambourine.


To book Nathaniel to perform at your church, venue or other event, send your request by email: Here!

Nathaniel's Debut CD: From Higher Ground To The Other Side To go to Nathaniel's Fansite click:  Coming Soon!
Song Samples!:
Higher Ground Blood And Grace Jehovah Is His Name
To Purchase Nathaniel's Music visit these online retailers:
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Next Performance Date and Time Venue Cover / Tickets
Sunday, June 21st 2015 11:00 a.m.

Mountain View Baptist Church

730 Fullerton Ave, Darrington, WA 98241

FREE!  (Nathaniel's music set will be shared during the regular morning worship service)

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